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Let's take your
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to new heights.

Life Settlement investments are a truly diversified investment asset that are gaining attention from some of the world’s largest investors.

who we are

Life Investors
Management Company

Life Investors Management Company is an investment firm located in Southlake, Texas that specializes in offering accredited investors access to alternative, uncorrelated assets called Life Settlements.

With more than 15 years of experience in the Life Settlements industry, our team has developed an investment model that supplies clients with superior portfolio management, high-quality portfolios through selective purchasing, preservation of capital investment, lower economic risk, and higher yield compared to other asset classes.


A Secure & Innovative Investment

A Life Settlement is a transaction where the owner of a life insurance policy is paid a discount value in cash for transferring ownership of the policy to a new owner. The new owner assumes the future premium payments as well as the future benefit. We purchase high-quality life policies as investments through our national agent and provider network, optimizing returns for our invested partners by identifying ideal products and managing associated costs. Below are some of the benefits we can offer through a Life Settlement investment.

Exceptional Returns

Although returns may very with each policy, the average internal rate of return (IRR) on settled policies to date is 44%.

Guaranteed Settlement

Life Settlements are guaranteed to provide the investor with a return because every life policy settles.

True Diversification

Unlike stocks, bonds, or real estate- Life Settlements provide true diversification as they are uncorrelated to capital markets.

what we do

Provide Accredited Clients With A Fully-Managed Investment Service

Strategic Planning

We can help you develop a strategic life settlement investment strategy that's tailored to your needs within your entire investment portfolio.

Due Diligence

We strive to instill a thorough internal due diligence process in conjunction with Life Settlement providers when purchasing all policies. Every effort is made to examine each policy from the original policy application to the current status of the policy.

Policy Acquisition

The relationships we have developed with life agents, life settlement providers and brokers, give us a chance to find policies that we feel gives our investors the best chance to earn a strong return on their investment.

Portfolio Management

Every aspect of the policy management process is handled by us including premium optimization, payment, and annual capital call collection. We, the policy manager, are here to serve you, the policy owners, to the best of our ability.


Striving For Total Client Satisfaction

Our core team has been focused on the Life Settlements industry for over 15 years. Each member of our leadership team brings invaluable experience to the table- helping us attain our goal of Total Client Satisfaction.


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