3 Life Settlement Trends to Watch In 2019

Insurance professionals have monitored the life settlement industry with a watchful eye.

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Are Bond And Stock Bears Scaring You? Try These Uncorre

It’s a scary, volatile market with asset correlations that may result in making emotional .

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How Tax Reform Could Fuel Life Settlement Industry

The recent tax reform efforts pushed through by the Trump Administration have shaken up the market quite a bit.

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Life Settlement-Market Grows 19% Last Year, Continues Upward Projectory

Transaction grew 19% in the life settlement market last year for a total of 2,.27 policy sales

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Life Settlements…Morbid, Moral Dilemma or Lucrative Living Solutions?

Warren Buffet. Just the name connotes financial success.

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Wringing Cash From Life Insurance

“We’re going to go through a quick, ten- to 15-minute personal health assessment,”

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