Life Investors Management Company (LIMC) is a private management firm specializing in offering clients alternative, uncorrelated assets referred to as Life Settlements.

LIMC’s core management team has focused on the Life Settlement industry for over fifteen years while providing superior portfolio management and purchasing capability. Our diligence translates into the highest quality acquisitions and excellent yield performance industrywide. By doing so, we attain our goal of Total Client Satisfaction.


A life settlement is a transaction where the owner of a life insurance policy is paid a discount value in cash in exchange for transferring ownership and all beneficiary rights of the policy to a new owner. The new owner assumes the future premium payments as well as the benefit of any future payments. Life Settlements may be purchased individually or through a structured private fund.


We offer a secure and innovative investment product featuring an exceptional level of quality and pricing. Thousands of clients have benefited from investing in this uncorrelated, alternative asset-class without risk or fear often associated with stocks, bonds, real estate, or oil and gas. We purchase high-quality life policy products through our national network of agents, brokers, and providers. All policy products are in turn vetted through our professional due diligence process. We are able to optimize returns for our investors by identifying ideal products and managing costs at the lowest available industrywide. Ultimately, a favorable return is highly likely as almost all life policies provide a settlement at a future date.